7" Mini Pad
The ultra-portable, on the road solution for the practicing drummer.

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  • This 7" mini pad has all the great features of the Bill Sanders practice kit range. Realistic feel, steel rim for rimshots as well as a non-slip base for stable practice.

    Reviews: What the Pros are saying...

    Bill Sanders the master of the practice pad has done it again. This is a smaller version of the tried and tested pads found on the famous BS715 and BS720 and therefore has all the hallmarks of quality we've come to expect from Bill Sanders. The non slip surface on the underside of the pad is a stroke of genius! Magnificent! Well done Bill! Carl Palmer http://www.carlpalmer.com/

    It's a great little unit - good size, just big enough, with an exceptionally clean feel - no hiding place - your strokes have to be spot-on. Solidly built, should last forever. And I like the rubber base which keeps it perfectly still and steady.

    Geoff Nicholls, author, The Drum Book, A History Of The Drum Kit.

    Bill Sanders pads should need no introduction. Bill has been at the forefront of producing some of the best silent practice kits and stand alone practice pads on the market since 1972. The new model is a 7" mini pad and is constructed in exactly the same way as the other pads and kits in the BS range. Black rubber atop a wood base with a raised metal rim attached by three small screws, and a non slip surface on the bottom, I tried pretty hard to get the pad moving around on the table and believe me once you put it down it's going nowhere! For those of you dubious about smaller sized pads I can assure you that this model has exactly the same 'famous' feel as all other BS pads and Is simply a delight to play with just the the right amount of rebound as to accurately recreate the feel of a drumhead without allowing you to 'cheat' as some of the markets mesh based pads do. The real advantage of the mini Though is its portability at 7" it should easily fit in your stick bag or music case making it ideal for both students and gigging professionals warming up backstage.

    With a RRP of 23.00 the BS mini pad represents good value for money in my opinion,and should be a hit with parents of budding drummers and percussionists. Having the legendary BS feel in such a portable format is a delight! Mine will very well never leave my side again!

    Lee Smith DRUMSMITH Studio drummer teacher http://www.drumsmithstudio.com @LeeThedrummer on twitter

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7" Mini Pad
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The ultra-portable, on the road solution for the practicing drummer.
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