5 Piece Practice Kit*


BS 715 5 Piece Practice Kit*
This 5 piece practice kit is our best seller and comes flat packed with comprehensive easy to follow instructions. Enabling you to be up and playing within minutes!
11" Snare Pad
10",11" and 12" Tom Pads
5" Bass Drum Pad For Single Pedal Use.
Your bass drum pedal just attaches in the same way it does to a drum.
The kit also has adjustable spurs.
The Double Bass Pedal Version has a larger Bass Drum Pad to Accommodate a Double Pedal (+10).

Check out the review of this Kit at Mike Dolbear.com

Improve your Drumming without annoying the neighbors!

* Drum Stool, Drumsticks and Bass Drum Pedal Not Included.

Assembly Instruction for the BS 715 (PDF File)

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Order Information

Item Number: BS 715

Price: 165.00


Double Bass Pedal Version has a larger Bass Drum Pad to accommodate a Double Bass Drum Pedal


  • Robust Build Quality
  • Great Feel and Response
  • Metal Rims
  • Fully Adjustable & Expandable
  • Quick Setup & Breakdown

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